Tired of managing different versions of files?
Now, try simply attaching STIICA.
Smart file version management tool, STIICA.
Just simply attach STIICA.
Select a file and attach STIICA. You can check the original file and it’s history of edit at a glance. No more incovenient document management, work efficiently using STIICA!
Don't change anything.
Even if you change name or save in different folders, you can directly manage all the file versions as long as you have STIICA attached. Keep your work style, no need to change!
Work on same file with others.
As soon as you edit and upload a file, the sharer immediately receives an auto pop-up and the status icon changes. STIICA helps users to easily collaborate with others.
Easily communicate with "Point File"
Are you looking at the exact file that your partner is looking at? Use STIICA’s ”Point File" function for more accurate communication.
Protect your file.
Premium Plan users can protect files with STIICA’s “encrypted” function. Even our STIICA team has no access to that file. Perfectly secured file, only for you.