User Guide

    Install, run and login

  • · Click the STIICA button below to download the install file.
  • · Start installation by double clicking install file.
  • · When installation is completed, STIICA shortcut will appear on the desktop.
  • · Double click the STIICA shortcut, then a login page will appear.
  • · Type your e-mail address and password then click on the login button to start STIICA.

    Context menu

  • Place the cursor on each file and right click your mouse to find context menu.
  • Context menu on Windows

    • When STIICA is not attached

      · There is a STIICA attach menu. (If you are using the Premium Plan, we offer special file secure option STIICA "encrypt".)
    • When STIICA is attached

      · There are different type of STIICA menus such as; remove, upload, download, history, duplicate and point file.

    Tray icon menu

  • · After downloading, login to run the system. Then, the tray icon menu will appear.
  • · Right click on the tray icon to find menu.
  • · You can check history of updated files and the files sent using "Point File".
    • A. Update: Displays the history of the updated file by the date modified.
    • B. Point File: Displays the history of ""Point File"" by order of date modified.
    • C. Notification : Displays file revision history and STIICA Team's alarm.
    • D. Web Service: Connects to STIICA Website.
    • E. Settings: You can manage your account, sign out, registered device management.


  • · The badge will appear if you click a file on window.
  • · The basic settings will be on the right side of the Explorer.
    • Files without STIICA attached.

      · You can attach STIICA quickly by just clicking the Badge.
    • For files with STIICA attached.

      · Files with STIICA attached will appear on Badge. Also, the badge appearance changes depending on the file status.

    Web explorer

  • · You can check details of files with STIICA attached.
  • · STIICA files can't be deleted on web explorer.
  • "File" Page

    • A. File filter by date
    • B. File Filter by type
    • C. Search for STIICA files
    • D. Select button of file
    • E. File list with attached STIICA
    • F. Create new folder
    • F. Button with three menus
    • G. Display information about the modified file
    • H. From the left - Point File, Comparing Files, Download Button
    • I. The plan currently in use by the logged-in user
    • J. Basic information of the currently logged in user
    • K. Logout button and setting button
    • L. Go to page where you can change your plan
  • "Notification" Page

    • A. Notification filter by type
    • B. Notification filter by date
    • C. Search for notification contents
    • D. Display icon by notification type
      • Update
      • Point File
      • Notification from STIICA team
      • Notification about network
  • "Compare files" Page

    • A. Click to display a list of files with STIICA
    • B. Click to display a list of files with STIICA
    • C. Display lower version file
    • D. Display higher version file
    • E. Displays number of available File Compare function

    Main functions of STIICA

  • · Easily manage file versions by attaching or removing STIICA.
  • · Manage countless versions of files as one by attaching STIICA.
  • Attaching STIICA

    • · Right click a file and select “Attach STIICA” under context menu.
    • · You can also quickly “Attach STIICA” by clicking the STIICA Badge.
    • · You can't attach STIICA to an empty file(0kb).
    • · STIICA is currently available only on MS office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
    • · STIICA team is working hard to expand further file system!
  • Removing STIICA

    • · Right click a file and select “Remove STIICA” or simply click STIICA Badge.
    • · After removing STIICA, it can be used as a separated file.
    • · After removing STIICA, the file becomes a separate file. However, it will remain on the user/shareres' version list.
    • Once STIICA is removed, you can re-attach STIICA. In this case, it becomes a new file instead of switching back to previous version. (same as duplicate function)
  • Upload STIICA

    • · When you edit and save STIICA file, the red overlay icon will change.
    • · An arrow facing upwards means the user should upload.
    • · Click “Upload” under context menu or the Badge to download the most recent version of the file.
    • · Automatic message will be sent to the sharer and overlay icon on the Badge will change.
  • Download STIICA

    • · If a sharer edits or uploads a file with STIICA attached, you can download the file.
    • · A blue overlay icon (arrow downward) means the user should download the updated version.
    • · Click “Download” from context menu or Badge for the most recent file version.
    • · 共有者たちには「ファイルがアップロードされた」というお知らせおよびバッジのシールが変わります。
  • Duplicate STIICA

    • · To re-manage file with STIICA attached, use duplicate function.
    • · Click “Duplicate” from context menu or Badge to duplicate a file.
    • · The contents of the duplicated file is the same with the original file but STIICA has been newly attached so the duplicated file becomes the first version of the file and it will be managed separately from the original file.

    Point file functions

  • · "Point File" lets your partner know what exact file you are looking at during the communication.
  • · Used when the partner forgot where the file is saved.
  • · A person without a file can be shared also.
  • · Available on PC or Web service.
    • If the partner already has a file with STIICA.

    • · The folder with the file will be opened.
    • If the partner doesn't have a file with STIICA.

    • · The file will be sent with a short message via e-mail.


  • · Users can check information about other services.
  • · Users can check and modify settings.
  • · The Setting page has 4 categories- Account, Security, Payment, and Inquiries.
  • Account

    • A. Tab to select setting contents
    • B. You can check and change the e-mail adress of the registered account.
    • C. You can set the information you want to receive from the registered e-mail address.
    • D. You can change the plan type, expiration date, and plan of the current plan.
    • E. You can check traffic capacity, file comparisons, and download counts.
    • F. You can check and manage the information of the currently registered device.
    • G. Sync and sync off with Gmail address book.
    • H. Manage(Add, modify, delete) with STIICA address book.
  • Security

    • A. You can change password.
    • B. Displays device information. You can check the number of registered devices and login time.
    • C. Displays each device's login history. You can check the login time, device name and application.
    • D. Displays current connected service.